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Perry, Van Etten, Rozanski & Kutner, LLP is a defense litigation firm that specializes in the New York State Labor Law, Medical Malpractice, multi-faceted Premises Liability, Construction Defects, Property Damage, Products Liability, Automobile and Trucking, as well as Insurance Defense litigation. We maintain two fully staffed offices in New York State, along with an expanding New Jersey office. The New York offices are located in lower Manhattan and on Long Island, in Melville, New York to minimize travel, time and expense for our multi-venued clients.                                                                                We specialize as Trial and Appellate Counsel in the defense of civil litigation. Our clients include insurers, insured and self-insured entities.

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Perry, Van Etten, Rozanski & Kutner strives to provide a working environment that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We value the unique perspective of each individual as we recognize that an individual’s distinctive circumstance is informed and affected by, among other things, his/her/their gender, race, orientation, family status, religion, ethnicity, age, physical abilities, and other factors. For this reason PVRK implements practices and policies that assist in and reinforce inclusivity and equity, allowing these beliefs and values to stand at the forefront of our daily interactions with each other and with our clients and adversaries. 

Although a smaller firm, PVRK aims to challenge and address inequity in both our professional and personal lives.  We welcome the unique qualities of each individual on our staff knowing that their qualities make our firm stronger, more competitive, thoughtful, and effective.  We encourage all within our firm to express their different viewpoints, opinions, thoughts, and ideas so that they can better understand and respect each other. To that end, we employ transparent policies, systems, programs, and services that champion a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, allowing us to put diversity, equity, and inclusivity at the core of our daily administrative, operational, and programmatic work, as well as in staff interactions.  This has and will continue to foster a more collaborative, kind, supportive, and inclusive professional community within our firm.